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Wood Cattle Company Mfg., Loader Attachments in Macomb, MO

Farm Equipment & Loader Attachments in Macomb, Missouri

Wood Cattle Company Mfg. LLCin Macomb, Missouri, provides farm equipment and loader attachments for your farming tasks. You are guaranteed to experience 100% satisfaction with the products that we sell, see our farm products page or just give us a call. You can also check out our photo gallery to see more pictures of our products in action. At "Wood cattle company" our goal is to build the best product on the market, so that the farmer who buys our products knows that he bought the best product he could buy.

What's New with Wood Cattle Company 

Cattle Rail Style, Farm Equipment, Loader Attachments, Bale Spikes in Macomb, Rochester, Springfield

Horse Hybrid Style, Farm Equipment, Loader Attachments, Bale Spikes in Macomb, Rochester, Springfield

Basket Style, Farm Equipment, Loader Attachments, Bale Spikes in Macomb, Rochester, Springfield

Cattle Rail Style Horse Hybrid Style Basket Style


Make Your Days on the Farm Easier

Solve your farming problems with our incredibly convenient and helpful farm equipment attachments. With 10 years of experience in the farming industry, everything that our company builds is made to last for not only a life time, but for generations. I know that farming is hard work, So do like I do and use these products and let your tractor do the heavy lifting 


Everlast Feeders

As you may have noticed, there are a few words that keep repeating themselves in all of our product descriptions (heavy duty). These words hold true in our new products, the Everlast Feeder. There are four models of the Everlast Feeder, there is the cattle-rail style, there is the cattle-basket style, there is the cattle-hybrid style and last but not least there is an awesome horse feeder which only comes in a hybrid style. One of these Everlast feeders not only saves hay by catching it in the pan below, but acts more as a multi-feeder taking the place of three different products, such as the hay ring, the bunk feeder and the mineral feeder. With one of our Everlast Feeders, no longer will you have the cluttered up mess of these other style of feeders. You can get more information about these amazing heavy duty feeders on our Everlast Feeder page. All of these Everlast Feeders are built with the same outstanding quality as all of our Wood Cattle Company products, you can rest assured that when you buy a heavy duty Wood Cattle Company product, that you have purchased one of the best if not the best product on the market today. All of our products to include these Everlast Feeders are built the way American made products should be built. All of our heavy duty products are over built to withstand the grueling punishment of every day farming, as we have said before "We are farmers", we know what it takes to make it work! These products are fairly expensive on the front end, but will pay for themselves with their high quality and heavy duty construction in the long run. We fully expect these feeders to be handed down if taken care of properly to the next generation the way the amazing products of the past were past down through the years. So give us a call and let us get you outfitted with these amazing heavy duty products today.
Man Trimming a Tree, Loader Attachments in Macomb, MO
      Our products are designed with the farmer in mind.
We offer a variety of products, including:
• Heavy Duty Front Boom
• Work Platform
• Everlast Feeders

• Custom Steel Work Tables
• Bale Spikes


The Wood Cattle Company Difference
The difference is, at "Wood Cattle Company" we build our products to not only work the "BEST", but to endure the abuses of everyday farm work.We believe in the products we sell, because as farmers we use everything we sell.
The products that we provide you with are all American-made, built with heavy duty steelnuilt to last generations. We use only the highest quality materials to produce the highest quality products for your farm.
Contact us to request more information about our farming equipment and loader attachments.